Zeal, Novelty, Spirit: The Siba Life Sciences Ltd. prelude


A career at Siba means an opportunity for ample learning & growth. It offers avenues to work across the India with the finest minds. The Company offers a challenging assignment, a world class working environment, professional management, competitive salaries, stock options along with exceptional rewards. Investing in our people and communities will help us to ensure the long-term sustainability of our business.

Siba is a pulsating Company that believes in employee’s talents to be honed, achievements to be valued and recognized. People at Siba are entrusted with responsibilities and are encouraged to actively contribute to the long term sustainable business growth in this highly competitive era.

Human Resources core value i.e ‘TO CARE’ lies in nurturing the employees from the day of joining. Our business dynamics offers employees with opportunities to acquire the desired functional goals, enhancement of people managements skills and facilitating the decision making power.

We have consistently strived to provide an employee friendly and stress free work environment that is conductive to holistic personal growth.

As we are in pace with our core values, we invite you to be an integral part of this exciting journey which assures unparalleled exposure and experience.

If you have an appetite for challenges, we have an exciting career for you